When you need custom metal parts, components or assemblies you can count on Gillespie Sales and Engineering’s industry knowledge and expertise to provide you with superior industry-leading sources for the highest quality product, service and performance.  Gillespie Sales and Engineering’s vast assortment of solutions for metal fabrication, metal stamping and investment casting allows for fast service and delivery to Michigan at a competitive price.  Following are a few of the products/services provided:

Custom Precision Metal Fabrication – Parts and components created from raw metal.  Processes include metal cutting, metal bending, metal forming, metal machining, and metal welding. Request a quote

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Custom Metal Stamping – Parts and components created from sheet metal.  Processes include flat blanking, metal piercing, metal forming, and deep drawing metal. Request a quote.

Custom Washers, Spacer and Shims – Fasteners manufactured to your exact specifications from virtually any material required (metallic or non-metallic). Request a quote.

Investment Casting – Metal forming technique for complicated shapes requiring little surface finishing and minor machining.  Also known as lost-wax casting. Request a quote.

Prototypes – Metal or plastic products created to your exact specifications to test your designs, concepts or process. Request a quote.