Flat Washers for Michigan

Representing Boker’s, Inc. in Michigan allows us to provide the personal and professional attention you expect while delivering an extensive offering of non-standard flat washers MI Investment Castingsavailable with no tooling charges– as well as custom capabilities for those unique shapes.  With thousands of stock tools on hand Boker’s is able to manufacture washers made from over 2,000 material options to your exact specifications.  Washer capabilities have outside diameters ranging from .08″ to 12″ and thicknesses ranging from .005″ to .134″.
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Metal Flat WashersMetal Flat Washers 
You can choose from a wide variety of sizes, thicknesses and metallic materials, including aluminum, brass, copper, nickel silver, spring steel, and stainless.  Boker’s has immediate access to over 2,000 materials so you can specify the exact material to fit your specific application.


Plastic Flat WashersPlastic Flat Washers
Boker’s maintains over 5,000 stock tools for non-metallic flat washers. You can choose from a wide variety of plastic materials, including ABS washers, acetal washers, PTFE washers, polyester washers, nylon washers, and polypropylene washers.


Special WashersCustom Washers (Special Shaped Washers)
Defined by their non-circular inside and/or outside shapes.  Boker’s manufactures a wide variety of common special washers including C washers, D washers, tab washers, conical washers, wave spring washers and notched washers.  Boker’s also manufactures unique custom special washers to your exact specifications from your prints.


Fender WashersFender Washers
Though similar in shape to a standard washer, the outside diameter is traditionally much larger in proportion to the center hole. Its oversized outside diameter provides more bearing surface for the load of a fastener—distributing the load further on soft or thin materials.


Tab Washers and Notched WashersTab Washers
A type of lock washer, round in shape and often manufactured with a single tab or multiple tabs and notches that can be formed to shape around bolts/nuts or designed to lay flat. Ideal for use in harsh environments, tab washers effectively lock a part into place in applications requiring extreme heat conditions or heavy vibrations.


Star WashersStar Washers
Star washers are a specific type of washer designed to increase locking force by resisting torque applied by the nut, preventing it from unscrewing or separating. Featuring either internal or external tabs, star washers offer greater application suitability.


Square Hole Washers or Square WashersSquare Washers
The square and rectangular washers complement diverse fastening applications. With their flat sides, square and rectangular washers are designed to prevent rotation and fit in restricted spaces that do not accommodate round washers. They are commonly used in construction, machinery, and automotive applications.


Small WashersSmall Flash Washers
Boker’s miniature washers may be specified smaller than 0.080″ in outside diameter and 0.030″ in inside diameter, with material thickness of 0.005″ and less — making them ideal for the medical design and aircraft industries, or any application involving small parts

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Big WashersBig Flat Washers
Washers which can be specified up to 12.000″ in diameter. These large washer sizes can be manufactured in short, medium and long runs in commonly specified and hard-to-find materials such as low carbon sheet steel, five types of spring steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and nickel silver, and non-metallic materials such as nylon.


Standard WashersStandard Flat Washers
By stocking washer tools/dies that meet ANSI, SAE and USS standard washer specifications Boker’s can provide standard flat washers in the specific material type you require.  Boker’s also stocks additional washer tools with inside diameters set to fit a variety of standard bolt/screw sizes, from your smallest machine screw to a 3 inch bolt.


Custom ShimsShimsCustom manufactured in a variety of sizes and materials to meet diverse industry needs. Used to achieve precise spacing or fill space between mismatched components, shims are a critical component to a variety of assembly operations and applications.


Boker’s manufactures custom washers to your exact standards. In addition to the thousands of stock tools available for non-standard flat washers, Boker’s can produce a custom tool within hours for your specific washer requirements. Some additional custom washers Boker’s manufactures includes:

Adhesive Backed Washers
Belleville Washers
C Washers
Clipped Washers
Conical Washers
Cup Washers
D Washers
Domed Washers
Fender Washers
Metric Washers
Non-standard flat washers
Notched Washers
Retaining Washers
Special Washers
Tab Washers
Square Washers
Star Washer
Wave Spring Washers

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