Boker’s, Inc. has added 608 new flat washer sizes to its non-standard washer offering without tool charges. This addition provides the ultimate customization capability at a very economical price. Custom-built flat washer options include numerous metallic and non-metallic materials, sizes, thicknesses and production quantities, all of which provide millions of washer possibilities.

Non-standard Flat Washers


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. Inc. non-standard flat washers.

Washers are manufactured to exact specifications in over 2,000 material options and no tooling charges, and the comprehensive size range includes outside diameters from 0.080 inches to 5.140 inches and a substantial range of inside diameters. Boker’s production is also flexible, offering long, medium and short runs with fast delivery turnarounds.


In addition to flat washers, other various shapes and styles are available in multiple metallic and non-metallic materials. Metallic washers include low-carbon sheet steel, various spring steels, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and nickel silver. Non-metallic materials include ABS, acetal, polyester, nylon, MD nylon, polycarbonate, fiber, polyethylene and various phenolics. For additional information about washer options, visit www.bokers.com/washers.asp