Minneapolis, MN—December 2, 2013— Boker’s Inc. announces the release of their 2014 Washer Catalog, providing a comprehensive reference guide for flat washer selection

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. This 60-page handbook offers detailed information on the company’s large range of materials, sizing, secondary operations and more.

Boker's 2014 Washer Catalog

Boker’s 2014 Washer Catalog

Boker’s offers no tooling charges on a selection of 28,000 non-standard flat washer and spacer sizes. The catalog includes the company’s complete outside/inside diameter options, the wide range of thicknesses available and information about metric sizing. Boker’s can also handle small, medium and long production runs.

Designed as a reference tool, the washer catalog demonstrates Boker’s custom manufacturing capabilities. With over 2,000 materials, including non-metallic, metallic, and superalloys for superior corrosion resistance, washers are manufactured to meet specific product specifications. In addition to its large range of flat washer sizes, Boker’s can make special shapes with outside diameters up to 12 inches. The catalog also lists the company’s certification and quality assurance programs that satisfy current industry standards, and highlights fast turnarounds and specialty delivery programs, such as Dock-to-Stock and Just-in-Time.

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