Kovatch Castings received GE Aviation Supplier Approval

KCI Receives GE Aviation Yellow Pages Approval

Kovatch Castings has received GE Aviation Supplier Approval for Investment Casting Foundry and NDT.

GE Yellow Page Suppliers have passed a rigid GE Aerospace audit that that assures that their processes, controls and systems meet the high quality GE Aerospace standards

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The approval applies to both GE-direct and GE sub-tier suppliers as well.

Kovatch Castings received approvals for:
• Investment Casting process (P1TF11 and S-301)
• S-400 Metallic Materials Testing (AI: S-400 Captive Lab- approved for test codes A, F and XRR.), and
• Fusion Welding (CF01: P8TF3, P8TF11 and P21TF6) to support the casting process and weld operator and equipment qualification.

Kovatch Castings also has the following customer process approvals:
• Boeing D1-4426
• Honeywell Aerospace supplier NDT Level III
• Gulfstream Investment Casting supplier
• Honeywell Federal Manufacturing Penetrant I and X-Ray
• Rolls-Royce sub-tier casting supplier with weld, AMS 2615, EDI 304-2 and EIS 790.
• Westco Aircraft
• Hamilton Sundstrand
• HR Textron
• Pacific Sky Supply

Kovatch Castings’ New Pusher Oven Raises Energy Efficiency for Investment Casting

FurnaceT-150x112Kovatch continues to improve their investment casting process.  The pulse fired self-recuperating burners of the new furnace installed at Kovatch Castings provide the highest level of energy efficiency, allowing Kovatch Castings to control energy costs for the benefit of its valued customers

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Read how the latest technology fits in Kovatch Castings’ process…