Boker’s, Inc. announces its extensive manufacturing capabilities of spacers to accommodate a wide range of applications across virtually any industry.

SpacersWith an expansive line of spacers, Boker’s offers a selection of over 28,000 non-standard spacer sizes with no tooling charges

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. Customized spacers are also available in a wide range of thicknesses from 0.005 inches to 0.134 inches, outside diameters from 0.080 inches to 12 inches and a substantial range of inside diameters. For flexible production, Boker’s can also handle small, medium and long runs with fast delivery turnaround.

In addition to multiple spacer sizes and shapes, Boker’s offers a diverse selection of materials. Material choices include over 2,000 metallic or non-metallic options, low-carbon sheet steel, various super alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and nickel silver. Non-metallic materials include ABS, acetal, polyester, nylon, MD nylon, polycarbonate, fiber, polyethylene and NEMA grade laminates.

Boker’s, Inc. is a Woman Owned, AS9100C and ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturer of precision stampings and non-standard washers and spacers.


Boker’s, Inc. announces that its extensive manufacturing of custom washers and stampings accommodates nearly any aerospace and aviation application. Those applications include avionics, flight control systems, airframes, engines, hydraulic, pneumatic and other aviation equipment that require specific, unique specifications.

Custom Stampings for the Aerospace Industry.

Stampings for the Aerospace Industry.

Customized stampings and washers not only meet diverse applications, but they also meet the highest quality standards in the aerospace industry. Boker’s, Inc. has qualified for the SAE Aerospace Quality Standard AS9100C, the highest international measure of quality and safety in the aviation, space and defense industries.

Custom washers are available in outside diameters ranging from .080 inches to 12 inches. Boker’s custom stamping offering includes flat blanking and piercings in sizes up to 12″x 12”, metal forming in thicknesses from .005″ to .134″ and draws up to 3″deep and 8″in diameter. Material choices include 2,000 metallic or non-metallic options, low-carbon sheet steel, various super alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and nickel silver. Non-metallic materials include ABS, acetal, polyester, nylon, MD nylon, polycarbonate, fiber, polyethylene and NEMA grade laminates.

Boker’s also provides over 28,000 non-standard washers and spacers that can be manufactured to suit multiple aerospace products with no tooling charges. Combined with a variety of washer and spacer customization options—including size, thickness, metallic and non-metallic materials, and production levels—millions of possibilities are available.

Boker’s, Inc

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. is a Woman Owned, AS9100C and ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturer of precision stampings and non-standard washers and spacers.

Download Boker’s AS9100C Certificate.


Minneapolis, MN—December 2, 2013— Boker’s Inc. announces the release of their 2014 Washer Catalog, providing a comprehensive reference guide for flat washer selection

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. This 60-page handbook offers detailed information on the company’s large range of materials, sizing, secondary operations and more.

Boker's 2014 Washer Catalog

Boker’s 2014 Washer Catalog

Boker’s offers no tooling charges on a selection of 28,000 non-standard flat washer and spacer sizes. The catalog includes the company’s complete outside/inside diameter options, the wide range of thicknesses available and information about metric sizing. Boker’s can also handle small, medium and long production runs.

Designed as a reference tool, the washer catalog demonstrates Boker’s custom manufacturing capabilities. With over 2,000 materials, including non-metallic, metallic, and superalloys for superior corrosion resistance, washers are manufactured to meet specific product specifications. In addition to its large range of flat washer sizes, Boker’s can make special shapes with outside diameters up to 12 inches. The catalog also lists the company’s certification and quality assurance programs that satisfy current industry standards, and highlights fast turnarounds and specialty delivery programs, such as Dock-to-Stock and Just-in-Time.

To request a catalog click here.

Boker’s 2014 Scheduling Calendar with Metric Conversion Chart Now Available

Boker's CalendarBoker’s Inc. announces the release of its 2014 Calendar and Conversion Chart. The complimentary single-page calendar is designed for quick scheduling while also offering an easy-to-use metric conversion chart on the opposite side for handy in the field use.

Boker’s, currently celebrating 95 years of washer and stamping manufacturing continues a tradition of offering convenient tools to users with diverse needs

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. The easy-to-read 15-month calendar includes holidays and Sundays boldly identified in red, as well as a layout that allows users to see all 67 weeks numbered at a glance. The opposing side contains the decimal equivalent for standard and metric sizes ranging from 1/64 to 1 inch and .1 to 100mm.

Boker’s dual-sided calendar and conversion chart also helps users choose from the company’s 28,000 flat, non-standard washer sizes in over 2,000 materials. Raw materials include various spring steels, low carbon sheet steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, as well as a full line of non-metallic such as PTFE, ABS, acetal, nylon, polycarbonate and a variety of NEMA grade laminates. This extensive variety of resources allows Boker’s to custom manufacture washers or stampings to meet the needs of endless final product applications, in metric or standard sizes. Further, with their dedicated quality assurance and fast turnarounds, Boker’s ensures that their products meet strict customer criteria and are delivered on time.

Kovatch Castings received GE Aviation Supplier Approval

KCI Receives GE Aviation Yellow Pages Approval

Kovatch Castings has received GE Aviation Supplier Approval for Investment Casting Foundry and NDT.

GE Yellow Page Suppliers have passed a rigid GE Aerospace audit that that assures that their processes, controls and systems meet the high quality GE Aerospace standards

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The approval applies to both GE-direct and GE sub-tier suppliers as well.

Kovatch Castings received approvals for:
• Investment Casting process (P1TF11 and S-301)
• S-400 Metallic Materials Testing (AI: S-400 Captive Lab- approved for test codes A, F and XRR.), and
• Fusion Welding (CF01: P8TF3, P8TF11 and P21TF6) to support the casting process and weld operator and equipment qualification.

Kovatch Castings also has the following customer process approvals:
• Boeing D1-4426
• Honeywell Aerospace supplier NDT Level III
• Gulfstream Investment Casting supplier
• Honeywell Federal Manufacturing Penetrant I and X-Ray
• Rolls-Royce sub-tier casting supplier with weld, AMS 2615, EDI 304-2 and EIS 790.
• Westco Aircraft
• Hamilton Sundstrand
• HR Textron
• Pacific Sky Supply

Large Washers up to 12″ in Diameter

Boker’s, Inc. announces that its extensive capabilities include extended washer sizes up to 12 inches in diameter. This is part of Boker’s wide offering, which provides washers and spacers to accommodate the largest range of applications across any industry.

Large Flat Washers

Washers up to 12″ in Diameter.

Boker’s capabilities include flat washers and custom shapes such as tab and notched washers that are created to meet your exact specifications. Sizes range from 0.080-inch to 12-inch outside diameters and substantial inside diameter choices, providing endless washer possibilities.

Large washers are available in numerous metallic and non-metallic materials, thicknesses and production quantities that include prototype or production runs. Metallic options include low-carbon sheet steel, various spring steels, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and nickel silver. Non-metallic materials include ABS, acetal, polyester, nylon, MD nylon, polycarbonate, fiber, polyethylene and various phenolics. Washer thicknesses can range from 0.005 to .134 inches. Production can be completed with fast turnaround times for prompt shipping

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Boker’s, Inc. has added 608 new flat washer sizes to its non-standard washer offering without tool charges. This addition provides the ultimate customization capability at a very economical price. Custom-built flat washer options include numerous metallic and non-metallic materials, sizes, thicknesses and production quantities, all of which provide millions of washer possibilities.

Non-standard Flat Washers


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. Inc. non-standard flat washers.

Washers are manufactured to exact specifications in over 2,000 material options and no tooling charges, and the comprehensive size range includes outside diameters from 0.080 inches to 5.140 inches and a substantial range of inside diameters. Boker’s production is also flexible, offering long, medium and short runs with fast delivery turnarounds.


In addition to flat washers, other various shapes and styles are available in multiple metallic and non-metallic materials. Metallic washers include low-carbon sheet steel, various spring steels, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and nickel silver. Non-metallic materials include ABS, acetal, polyester, nylon, MD nylon, polycarbonate, fiber, polyethylene and various phenolics. For additional information about washer options, visit


Boker’s, Inc. announces that its vast manufacturing capabilities include non-standard square and rectangular washers that can be custom made with a variety of materials and sizes to suit multiple application requirements. These non-standard square and rectangle flat washers cover a range up to 12″ x 12″ with thicknesses from .005″ to .135″

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Boker's, In.c Square Washers.

Custom square and rectangular washers provided to your exact specifications.

The square and rectangular washers complement diverse fastening applications. With their flat sides, square and rectangular washers are designed to prevent rotation and fit in restricted spaces that do not accommodate round washers. They are commonly used in construction, machinery, and automotive applications.

Boker’s manufactures square and rectangular washers to customer specifications, offering options in more than 2,000 commonly specified and difficult-to-find materials, including metallic and non-metallic materials. Metallic material selections include low-carbon sheet steel, various spring steels, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and nickel silver. Non-metallic material options include ABS, acetal, polyester, nylon, nylon MD, polycarbonate, fiber, polyethylene and various NEMA grade laminates.

Manufactured to order, with quick delivery turnarounds, Boker’s offers endless washer possibilities to suit a wide range of application needs. For additional information on square and rectangular washers, visit

Kovatch Castings’ New Pusher Oven Raises Energy Efficiency for Investment Casting

FurnaceT-150x112Kovatch continues to improve their investment casting process.  The pulse fired self-recuperating burners of the new furnace installed at Kovatch Castings provide the highest level of energy efficiency, allowing Kovatch Castings to control energy costs for the benefit of its valued customers

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Read how the latest technology fits in Kovatch Castings’ process…